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Curating Sites of Ethnographic Inquiry

by daria · · 0 Comments

"Jewish Life on Cape Breton Island” has been the title of multiple projects dedicated to research of the same topic. It has been a radio program, a series of sound pieces, and a curated environment at York University.

Memories of Gusle and Ganga in Cape Breton's Croatian Community

by jelka · · 0 Comments

Many of the second and third generation Cape Breton Croatians remembered their parents' and grandparents' LP records. Some of the recording that were frequently being mentioned, included two traditional music idioms, gusle and ganga, both characteristic for Herzegovina and the Dinaric part of South-eastern Europe.

Jewish Life and Belonging on Cape Breton Island

by daria · · 0 Comments

As a child of Jewish parents, with roots in the community, I knew that the Jewish population on Cape Breton Island was dwindling. However, I had not realised the full extent of the exodus of families to larger cities in Canada, mostly here in Toronto. What was once an island with four synagogues - in Sydney, Whitney Pier, Glace Bay and New Waterford - now has only one in use.

Unveiling of St. Mary's Polish Church Design Plans

by daria · · 0 Comments

    November 29, 2014 was an overwhelmingly tragic day for members of the Cape Breton Polish community. Their beloved church, standing for over 100 years, was devastated by fire.

A Short History of the Tamburica, a Croatian Traditional Instrument

by jelka · · 1 Comment

Tamburica or tambura is a traditional plucked string instrument that came to South-eastern Europe from Asia around 15th century through the Turkish conquests.



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