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ECECP Guestbook: Brian Cherwick

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A "Guestbook" clip featuring guest interviews of an upcoming documentary which focuses on the Ukrainian community of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia; clips of footage taken from interviews of visitors to the Ukrainian community, filmed in 2012.


ECECP: Snapshot Featurettes - Shari McKay

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Love at first sight: Shari McKay tells the story of her grandparents marriage.

Historic Architecture

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Photosynth isn't only for panoramas, you can take a virtual tour and "walk" through buildings on the Historic Architecture page in Curated Exhibits of the Interactive Resources tab. Take a walk through Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church in Whitney Pier: 

Panoramic Exhibit

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Wish you were there? Well now you can be! Visit the 3D Panorama:

Sea Winds and Immigrant Songs

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Bat Out of Hell Kozachok: During the Mnohaya'lita exhibit and anniversary celebrations in 2012, a concert was held entitled Sea Winds and Immigrant Songs. Please click on the photo to listen to bandurist Julian Kytasty and fiddler Colin Grant play a musical piece called "Bat Out of Hell Kozachok".



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