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Memories of Gusle and Ganga in Cape Breton's Croatian Community

Many of the second and third generation Cape Breton Croatians remembered their parents' and grandparents' LP records. Some of the recording that were frequently being mentioned, included two traditional music idioms, gusle and ganga, both characteristic for Herzegovina and the Dinaric part of South-eastern Europe. Gusle is a one or two-string bowed instrument held in the lap and played by a single player/singer.

A Short History of the Tamburica, a Croatian Traditional Instrument

Tamburica or tambura is a traditional plucked string instrument that came to South-eastern Europe from Asia around 15th century through the Turkish conquests. Although by no means an endemic Croatian instrument, tambura became a symbol of Croatian ethnic identity in the early 19th century, when the process of formation of national identities was taking part all over Europe.

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