Virtual Tour

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Welcome to the Mnohaya'lita Virtual Tour. Visit the Lyceum in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, as it was during the exhibit from February to November of 2012. Click on the individual photosynth sections below to review different perspectives and images of this exhibit.

As you enter the Lyceum you proceed down a ramp to the main exhibit space.

At the bottom of the ramp to the right is the main desk are, as well as the video and children's play space.

The exhibit starts to the left at the bottom of the ramp in the center of the room.

The center of the room was designed to look like Holy Ghost Ukrainian Church.

Picture group on the right wall right of the Father Zarsky case.

An exhibit case dedicated to Father Zarsky.

Devotional cloth case (left of photo group).

Photo group back right wall, left of altar.

Embroidery case.

Nun case.

Photo book 1 (left of music/trophy case).

Photo Book 2 (parade float).

Parade Float.

Gold vestments.

Embroidered vestments (gold too).

Book Display Case.

Central case/altar.


Left case (says right) and paintings.

Purple Vestments back left pillar.

Back right pillar (gold vestments).

Candle Stand Left.

Front Right Pillar.

Egg Case.

Middle Right Pillar 2.

Dish Case.

Middle Right Pillar.

Middle Left Pillar.

Cabbage Display Case.

Photo group on left wall between cabbage shredder and Mike Kuna case.

Photo Book 3 (next to Mike Kuna Case).

Mike Kuna Case.

Central Panorama view.

Panorama view.

Room right corner.



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