Religious Artifacts

There is a certificate which authenticates the Holy Relic inside this cross which stands on the tetropod, or small Table of Needs, inside the church. The Relic inside the cross is of St. Josephat. The antymins, or antiminion, in the photographs beside the cross also contains Holy Relics, though of an unknown saint. The Relic is sewn into the cloth at the intersection of the cross. This antiminion was consecrated and dedicated to the Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Parish of Sydney, Nova Scotia by Bishop Nykyta Budka in 1926. The date and his signature, in ink, are visible in the lower right hand corner of the antiminion.The round, domed icon of the Resurrection that also sits in this case is a cover for the Arktos, or Bread of Resurrection. This bread and icon are part of prayerful celebrations on Easter weekend.